Projects for "West Bengal"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Power Plant Projects West Bengal Distribution System Strengthening Program. Refer Document
PID : 65986 West Bengal Project
2. Power Plant, Other Machinery, Iron Projects Greenfield Project for Production of Sponge Iron 1,15,500 TPA with 350 TPD DRI Kiln, Ferro Alloy Plant Product Mix of Silico Manganese (16,929 TPA) or Ferro Manganese (21,092 TPA) or Ferro Silicon (9,191 TPA) with 9 MVA Submerged Arc Furnace and WHRB based Captive Power Plant of8 MW at Mouza- Mondalpur, Jadudanga, PS+PO- Jamuria, Ranisayer -Jamuria Road. INR 230 Cr INR 2.30 Bn
PID : 65860 West Bengal Project
3. Stainless Steel, Non Conventional Energy Projects Revised Configuration of Modernization Cum Expansion (3.5 MTPA to 2.7 MTPA Gross Hot Metal) of M/s Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP), Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL). INR 3324 Cr INR 33.24 Bn
PID : 65781 West Bengal Project
4. Other Machinery, Chemical Machinery, Chemicals Projects Proposed 100 KLPD Grain Based Distillery at Khatian No. 4845, 6131, Mouza Goligram, J.L.No. 54, P.S. Galsi, Block Galsi –I, By (for Fuel Ethanol). INR 110.20 Cr INR 1.10 Bn
PID : 65751 West Bengal Project
5. Other Machinery, Civil Works, Chemical Machinery Projects Proposed 160 KLPD Grain Based Distillery Project (Ethanol) along with Captive Power Plant (4.4 MW) at Plot No. A9 & A10 near WBIDC Office, Panagarh Industrial Park. INR 80 Cr INR 800 Mn
PID : 65746 West Bengal Project
6. Business Consultancy Projects Supporting West Bengal State for Climate Resilience. Refer Document
PID : 65720 West Bengal Project
7. Other Machinery, Boiler and Heater Projects Expansion in Existing Sponge Iron Plant by Addition of 350 TPD DRI Kiln, SMS Unit (1,35,000 TPA), Rolling Mill (1,20,000 TPA), Sinter Plant (90,000 TPA), Ferro Alloy Plant (2 x 9 MVA SAF and 2 x 12 MVA SAF) and Captive Power Plant (WHRB 13MW and AFBC 9 MW). INR 356 Cr INR 3.56 Bn
PID : 65675 West Bengal Project
8. Chemical Machinery, Power Plant, Civil Works Projects Expansion of Grain based Distillery from 60 KLPD to 285 KLPD along with Cogeneration Power Plant from 3 MW to 10 MW under Ethanol Blending Programme at Village Mahanad, Block Polba- Dadpur. INR 225 Cr INR 2.25 Bn
PID : 65593 West Bengal Project
9. Power Plant, Other Machinery, Iron, Boiler and Heater, Civil Works Projects Expansion of Approved Capacity to Produce 24,000 Tpa to 28,800 Tpa Product Mix of Silico Manganese, Ferro Manganese and Ferro Silicon With 2 Nos. of Submerged Arc Furnace (2 X 9 Mva) and 36,000 Tpa Billets with No of Induction Furnace of 15 Ton Capacity at Village & Post-Hat Ashuria, Mauza-Basudevpur, P.S Barjora. INR 110.35 Cr INR 1.10 Bn
PID : 65560 West Bengal Project
10. Boiler and Heater, Iron, Non Conventional Energy, Power Plant, Railway Ancillaries, Other Machinery Projects Expansion in Sponge Iron Production from 49,500 TPA to 1, 22,100 TPA along with Captive Power Plant of 12 MW and Fero Alloy Plant (16,000 TPA) with Installation of 9 MVA SAF. INR 121.85 Cr INR 1.21 Bn
PID : 65558 West Bengal Project
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