Projects for "Orissa (Odisha)"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Chemical Machinery, Other Machinery, Real Estate Services, Beer / Soft Drinks / Liquors Projects Pre feasibility Report of Purunakote Out Still Liquor Shop of Sri Pradeep Kumar Pradhan at Purunakote, Purunakote GP, PO: Purunakote. INR 10 Lac INR 1 Mn
PID : 65978 Orissa (Odisha) Project
2. Enviromental Work, Minerals, Road Transport Services, Commercial Vehicles Projects Environment Management Plan of Goppur Sand Quarry Over An Area of11.50acres 4.653hect in Village- Goppur Under Birmitrapur Tahasil. Refer Document
PID : 65970 Orissa (Odisha) Project
3. Stones - Granite - Earth, Roads, Safety Equipment\Explosives, Civil Works Projects Extraction of Building Stone, Road Metal from the Allotted Jariput & Jayamangalpur Cluster Black Stone Quarry, Total Proposed Production of Cluster is 1,800,000cum the Method of Mining will Be Semi Mechanized Open Cast Mining Method, and Loading Can Be Done By Tipper, Trucks. INR 2 Cr INR 20 Mn
PID : 65893 Orissa (Odisha) Project
4. Stones - Granite - Earth, Minerals, Mining Equipments, Safety Equipment\Explosives Projects Sanbalichuan Stone Quarry -II Plan Period Five Years Over An Area of 4.02 Acres 1.626 Hect in Village Sanbalichuan Under Hemgir Tahasil. Refer Document
PID : 65890 Orissa (Odisha) Project
5. Minerals, Mining Equipments, Excavation, Safety Equipment\Explosives Projects Proposed Project of Jariput and Jayamangalpur Black Stone Quarry Cluster with Proposed Production Capacity of 3,60,000 M 3 /Year of Black Stone Having an Area of 8.484 Ha Located at Village: Jariput And Jayamangalpur, Tehsil: Tangi. INR 1.50 Cr INR 15 Mn
PID : 65886 Orissa (Odisha) Project
6. Minerals Projects Handidhua Paikasahi Muruda Jambhira River Sand Bed in Village Handidhua & Paikasahi & Muruda Tahasil Rasgobindpur. INR 2 Lac INR 2 Lac
PID : 65872 Orissa (Odisha) Project
7. Chemical Machinery, Chemicals, Power Plant, Civil Works Projects Greenfield Project of 200 KLD Grain Based Ethanol Plant along with 5.0 MW Co-generation Power Plant. INR 225.24 Cr INR 2.25 Bn
PID : 65804 Orissa (Odisha) Project
8. Chemical Machinery, Chemicals, Power Plant, Civil Works Projects Greenfield Project of 150 KL/Day Grain Based Ethanol Plant along with 4.5 MW Co-generation Power Plant located at Plot No.16, Vill: Haripur, PO/PS: Kiakata, Tehsil: Athmalik. INR 194.57 Cr INR 1.94 Bn
PID : 65802 Orissa (Odisha) Project
9. House / Building, Civil Works Projects Revision and Expansion of Kingston Logistics Park at Mouza, Indranipatna, Plot No 114/1316 and Mouza: Chhatisa-Ii, Plot No. 30 & 31, Tehsil- Tangi, Choudwar. INR 121.27 Cr INR 1.21 Bn
PID : 65799 Orissa (Odisha) Project
10. Minerals, Mining Equipments Projects Environment Management Plan for Garjanbahal Open Cast Project Expansion (Capacity 13.0 MTY to 18.2 MTY) Basundhara Area. INR 29.88 Cr INR 298.80 Mn
PID : 65793 Orissa (Odisha) Project
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