Projects for "Joint Sector"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Coal and Lignite Projects Banhardih Coal Mining Project of 12 MTPA in mine lease area of 1818.10 ha. INR 5546 Cr INR 55.46 Bn
PID : 53727 Jharkhand Project
2. Other Electrical Products Projects India Energy Efficiency Scale-Up Program Guarantee. Refer Document
PID : 43466 Not Classified Project
3. Power Plant, Other Electrical Products Projects Scaling Up Demand-Side Energy Efficiency Sector Project $ 54.60 Cr $ 546 Mn
PID : 42410 Multi State Project
4. Minerals, Mining Equipments, Labour And Manpower, Minerals, Mining Equipments, Labour And Manpower Projects Capacity Enhancement from 81,66,000 TPA To 1,20,00,000 TPA for Mining of “Stone” along with Associated Minor Minerals and Mineral Beneficiation & Processing Unit (2X300TPH) INR 6 Cr INR 60 Mn
PID : 33169 Haryana Project
5. House / Building, Building Material, Civil Works, Labour And Manpower, Safety Equipment\Explosives, Non Conventional Energy Projects Expansion And Modification Of Residential - “Utalika” – Project INR 923.07 Cr INR 9.23 Bn
PID : 28638 West Bengal Project
6. Coal and Lignite, Minerals, Mining Equipments, Safety Equipment\Explosives Projects Manoharpur and Dip-Side of Manoharpur Coal Mine project (Expansion of Manoharpur Coal Mine) INR 2143 Cr INR 21.43 Bn
PID : 28468 Orissa (Odisha) Project
7. Business Consultancy Projects Scaling Up Demand Side Energy Efficiency Sector Project. Refer Document
PID : 22456 Multi State Project
8. Minerals, Mining Equipments Projects Dip-side Manoharpur coal mine project (Extension of Manoharpur Coal Mine Project). INR 2720 Cr INR 27.20 Bn
PID : 22406 Orissa (Odisha) Project
9. House / Building, Civil Works Projects Construction Of Multi Storeyed Main Township Residential Project. INR 158.73 Cr INR 1.58 Bn
PID : 16737 Jharkhand Project
10. Non Conventional Energy Projects Ultra Mega Solar Project. INR 5625 Cr INR 56.25 Bn
PID : 16200 Madhya Pradesh Project
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