Projects for "Desilting"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Civil Works, Desilting, Drainage, Water Purification Projects Administrative Approval and Expenditure Sanction for the project on “Pollution Abatement Works for River Ram Ganga at Bareilly under Bareilly municipality (Interception & Diversion with STP) in Uttar-Pradesh State, including 15 years O&M under Hybrid Annuity based PPP mode. INR 271.39 Cr INR 2.71 Bn
PID : 58089 Uttar Pradesh Project
2. Civil Works, Desilting, Drainage, Water Purification Projects Pollution Abatement Works for River Ram Ganga at Moradabad. INR 118.69 Cr INR 1.18 Bn
PID : 58071 Uttar Pradesh Project
3. Enviromental Work, Desilting, Drainage, Water Purification Projects Project for Pollution Abatement of Nag River in Nagpur. Refer Document
PID : 44593 Maharashtra Project
4. Power Plant, Other Electrical Products, Dam Work, Civil Works, Water Storage and Supply, Desilting Projects Rongnichu Hydro-Electric Project (115 MW). INR 1187.45 Cr INR 11.87 Bn
PID : 27339 Sikkim Project
5. Trenching and Dredging, Desilting Projects Deepening and Desilting in Jaiva Vypin Project Area ( Veeran Puzha and Nine Thodus). INR 36 Cr INR 360 Mn
PID : 25798 Kerala Project
6. Desilting, Pumps and Motor and Compressors, Other Machinery, Water Storage and Supply, Civil Works, Machine Tools, Other Electrical Products, Excavation Projects Fish Seed Hatchery on PPP. INR 2.77 Cr INR 27.76 Mn
PID : 25709 Uttarakhand Project
7. Canal/Irrigation Work, Desilting Projects Canal regeneration and cleaning. INR 5 Cr INR 50 Mn
PID : 21004 Tamil Nadu Project
8. Other Metal Products, Desilting, Civil Works Projects Underground Ducting Project. INR 196 Cr INR 1.96 Bn
PID : 20604 Karnataka Project
9. Desilting Projects Waste Water Disposal and Management Project. INR 149.53 Cr INR 1.49 Bn
PID : 20432 Madhya Pradesh Project
10. Civil Works, Canal/Irrigation Work, Desilting, Excavation, Platform/Jetty/RCC Work, Architect / Interior Designer, Vegetable / Fruit / Flower / Plants, Shipping, Light and Bulbs, Business Consultancy Projects Lakha Banjara Lake Front Development & Revitalization. INR 31.53 Cr INR 315.30 Mn
PID : 20223 Madhya Pradesh Project
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