State GovernmentProject Information Rongnichu Hydro-Electric Project (115 MW). INR 1187.45 Cr INR 11.87 Bn
PID : 27339 Sikkim-India

Project Detail:

The project envisaged construction of the following project components:
• 120 m long and 14m high barrage with 3 bays of free flow spillway with sill crest level at 728.00 masl, with 3 gates (12.2mx 6.5m).
• Surface desilting basin, fitted with trash rack of 24 panels, with 2 troughs (59m x 35.9m x 9.5m) to exclude sediments >0.2 mm m through 1000m flushing pipe.
• 1 gated power intake for passing 38.16 cumec
• 12.581 km long D-shape lined HRT of finished diameter of 4.0m
• 88m high and 10 m diameter vertical surge shaft with 1.7m diameter meter orifice
• Underground steel lined Pressure shaft comprising of UHPS (160.8m/3.0m), VPS (318m/3.0m) and LHPS (924m/3.0m)
• Surface powerhouse (61.5mx 45.75mx 38.0m) for housing 2 vertical shaft Pelton turbine

All the works including testing of power plant and other components of project are scheduled to be completed by April 2021.
Techno-Economic Clearance of 115 MW Rongnichu HEP DPR was granted by Government of Sikkim vide letter dated 02.08.2019 to expedite the implementation of the project. The revised cost of Project is 1187.45 Cr Cr.The cost per megawatt has been assessed as 10.32 Cr.

Note: Please Download Project Document attached to this Project for more information.

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