Projects for "Business Consultancy"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Canal/Irrigation Work, Business Consultancy, Recreational Services, Excavation, Civil Works Projects Administrative Approval and Expenditure Sanction for Initiation of M.Sc. - Course in Freshwater Ecology and Conservation at Ganga Aqualife Conservation Monitoring Centre , National Center for River Research, Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun under Namami Gange Mission II, with 100% central sector Support for one Course. INR 137.28 Cr INR 1.37 Bn
PID : 65541 Uttaranchal Project
2. Business Consultancy Projects Building Indias Clean Plant Program. Refer Document
PID : 65535 Multi State Project
3. Roads, Business Consultancy Projects Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study Cum Preliminary Design Report for Bangalore Chennai Expressway under NHDP Phase VI. Refer Document
PID : 65528 Multi State Project
4. Business Consultancy Projects Farmer Group Market Access Development Using Agricultural Technologies in Andhra Pradesh. Refer Document
PID : 64523 Andhra Pradesh Project
5. Business Consultancy Projects Investment in Orbi Med Asia Partners V, L.P. Refer Document
PID : 64513 Multi State Project
6. Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings, Business Consultancy Projects Transaction Advisory Services for the Preparation of Public Private Partnership and other Projects in South, and Central and West Asia. Refer Document
PID : 63488 Multi State Project
7. Business Consultancy, Civil Works Projects Uttarakhand Livability and Resilience Improvement Project. Refer Document
PID : 63471 Uttarakhand Project
8. Business Consultancy, Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Projects Kolkata Urban Resilience Improvement (Sector) Project. Refer Document
PID : 63470 West Bengal Project
9. Business Consultancy, Civil Works Projects Ahmedabad Peri urban Livability Improvement Project. Refer Document
PID : 63455 Gujarat Project
10. Business Consultancy, Computer Softwares Projects Manipur Infotech eNabled Development Project (P176733). $ 9.32 Cr $ 93.20 Mn
PID : 62448 Manipur Project
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