Projects for "Aviation Equipment"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Aviation Equipment, Air Transport, Civil Works, Safety Equipment\Explosives Projects Development of Civil Enclave At Villagekutlupur & Bishambharpur, Tehsil- Bihta. INR 950.76 Cr INR 9.50 Bn
PID : 59148 Bihar Project
2. Computer Hardwares and Consumables, Computer Softwares, Safety Equipment\Explosives, Aviation Equipment, Minerals Projects Administrative Approval and Expenditure Sanction (AA&ES) for Remote Sensing/Drone Technology related R&D project - “Geomorphic and Ecological Impacts of Sand Mining in Large Rivers as revealed from high resolution historical remote sensing data and drone surveys: Assessment, Analysis and Mitigation” under Namami Gange Program INR 1.82 Cr INR 18.21 Mn
PID : 58087 Uttar Pradesh Project
3. Civil Works, House / Building, Roads, Platform/Jetty/RCC Work, Drainage, Casting/Structurals/Fabrications, Railway Ancillaries, Misc. Manufactured Articles, Aviation Equipment, Other Electrical Products Projects Development of Ayodhya Airport, Uttar Pradesh. INR 242.14 Cr INR 2.42 Bn
PID : 47031 Uttar Pradesh Project
4. Excavation, Trenching and Dredging, Platform/Jetty/RCC Work, Aviation Equipment, House / Building, Roads, Other Electrical Products, Telecommunication Services / Equipments, Plumbing/Sanitary Work, Scientific Instruments, Civil Works, Power Plant, Non Conventional Energy Projects Holistic Development of Great Nicobar Islands. INR 75000 Cr INR 750 Bn
PID : 47003 Andaman And Nicobar Project
5. House / Building, Roads, Platform/Jetty/RCC Work, Civil Works, Other Electrical Products, Fencing/Wall Work, Casting/Structurals/Fabrications, Aviation Equipment Projects Extension of Runway with Blast Pad, RESA, Taxiway, Apron, GSE Area, Isolation Bay, New Domestic Terminal Building & Miscellenious Works. INR 380.87 Cr INR 3.80 Bn
PID : 46962 Tamil Nadu Project
6. House / Building, Civil Works, Aviation Equipment Projects Hisar Integrated Aviation Hub Project. INR 500 Cr INR 5 Bn
PID : 34770 Haryana Project
7. Scientific Instruments, Aviation Equipment Projects On Board Oxygen Generation System for fighter aircraft. INR 1240 Cr INR 12.40 Bn
PID : 34705 Delhi Project
8. Air Transport, Aviation Equipment, Safety Equipment\Explosives Projects Proposed 3rd stage of expansion of Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) from 55 MPPA to its ultimate phase of 92 MPPA within the existing KIA premises. INR 24167 Cr INR 241.67 Bn
PID : 27261 Karnataka Project
9. Aviation Equipment, Air Transport, Civil Works, Safety Equipment\Explosives Projects Development of Joint Use Civil Enclave for AAI and IAF. Refer Document
PID : 27239 Bihar Project
10. Safety Equipment\Explosives, Aviation Equipment Projects Long Range Glider Bomb. Refer Document
PID : 27088 Delhi Project
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