Projects for "Uttarakhand"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Other Services Projects Uttarakhand Disaster Preparedness and Resilience Project (P179749). Refer Document
PID : 65988 Uttarakhand Project
2. Vegetable / Fruit / Flower / Plants Projects Uttarakhand Climate Responsive Rainfed Farming Project (P179357). Refer Document
PID : 65987 Uttarakhand Project
3. Drainage, Pipeline Project, Civil Works Projects Pollution Abatement Works (I&D with STP) for Khoh River at Kotdwar, Uttarakhand under Namami Gange Mission -II. INR 135.27 Cr INR 1.35 Bn
PID : 65687 Uttarakhand Project
4. Business Consultancy, Civil Works Projects Uttarakhand Livability and Resilience Improvement Project. Refer Document
PID : 63471 Uttarakhand Project
5. Civil Works, Water Storage and Supply, Pipeline Project Projects Uttarakhand Integrated and Resilient Urban Development Project - Additional Financing. Refer Document
PID : 63463 Uttarakhand Project
6. Power Plant Projects Uttarakhand Climate Resilient Power System Development Project. Refer Document
PID : 62450 Uttarakhand Project
7. Lab Equipments, Civil Works Projects Strengthening of laboratories of Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board (UEPPCB). INR 16.21 Cr INR 162.10 Mn
PID : 58069 Uttarakhand Project
8. Civil Works, Water Purification, Pipeline Project, Drainage, Plumbing/Sanitary Work Projects Interception & diversion (I&D) and STP works for Muni Ki Reti Dhalwala. INR 94.06 Cr INR 940.60 Mn
PID : 58047 Uttarakhand Project
9. Civil Works, Platform/Jetty/RCC Work, Other Metal Products, Light and Bulbs, Non Conventional Energy, Fencing/Wall Work, Misc. Manufactured Articles Projects Construction of Gauri Cremation Ghat at Bhogpur Talla Yamkeshwar INR 1.82 Cr INR 18.20 Mn
PID : 58034 Uttarakhand Project
10. Vegetable / Fruit / Flower / Plants, Civil Works, Other Machinery Projects Uttarakhand Integrated Horticulture Development Project. Refer Document
PID : 53684 Uttarakhand Project
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