Projects for "Trust"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Material Handling, Platform/Jetty/RCC Work, Prime Movers Projects Handling of Multiple Cargo without increasing capacity through semi-mechanised manner. To be corrected as: Handling of B.F.Slag, Gypsum, Bauxite, Lime Stone, ilmenite sand, coking coal and ores other than Iron ore, Fertilizers, manganese ore, Coke (CP coke, Lam coke and Pet coke), Steam Coal, Steel cargo, Project cargo etc. and other dry bulk cargo as per availability, through semi-mechanized mode (using Harbour mobile... INR 2104 Cr INR 21.04 Bn
PID : 59131 Andhra Pradesh Project
2. Platform/Jetty/RCC Work, Civil Works, House / Building Projects Proposed development of AHOY Marina facility for crafts, small boats and yachts. INR 350 Cr INR 3.50 Bn
PID : 53536 Goa Project
3. Canal/Irrigation Work, Trenching and Dredging, Civil Works, Scientific Instruments, Platform/Jetty/RCC Work Projects Proposed deepening & Widening of Approach Channel to Second Chemical Berth at Pir Pau. INR 72 Cr INR 720 Mn
PID : 47024 Maharashtra Project
4. House / Building Projects Ahalia Hospital. INR 65.14 Cr INR 651.44 Mn
PID : 46803 Kerala Project
5. Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings, Other Services Projects India Digital Financial Inclusion of Informal Sector. $ 27.30 Lac $ 2.73 Mn
PID : 43465 Not Classified Project
6. Roads Projects Port Road Connectivity Project [Chennai-Ennore]. INR 600 Cr INR 6 Bn
PID : 34760 Tamil Nadu Project
7. Platform/Jetty/RCC Work, Civil Works Projects Development of Marina. INR 357.33 Cr INR 3.57 Bn
PID : 33234 Maharashtra Project
8. Minerals, Mining Equipments, Safety Equipment\Explosives, Non Conventional Energy Projects Proposes To Conduct Fully Mechanized Open Cast Method Mining For Laterite Production Project capacity - 475971.2 TPA ha INR 60 Lac INR 6 Mn
PID : 32782 Andhra Pradesh Project
9. Building Material, Civil Works, Safety Equipment\Explosives, Building Material, Civil Works, Safety Equipment\Explosives Projects Hospital Project INR 300 Cr INR 3 Bn
PID : 32565 Gujarat Project
10. Minerals, Mining Equipments, Excavation, Safety Equipment\Explosives Projects Cluster-1 mine which is constituted of Dhania 52.284 Ha, Sankhari 33.428 Ha. & Tangeni 10.885 Ha. INR 4 Cr INR 40 Mn
PID : 28228 Orissa (Odisha) Project
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