Projects for "State Government"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Roads, Civil Works, Drainage Projects Proposed Project for Bihar Rural Road (Phase II). INR 9038 Cr INR 90.38 Bn
PID : 61323 Bihar Project
2. Railway Track, Railway Ancillaries, Railways Transport Services, Safety Equipment\Explosives, Civil Works, Other Electrical Products, Telecommunication Services / Equipments Projects Haryana Orbital Rail Corridor Part B Project. $ 55.55 Cr $ 555.52 Mn
PID : 61254 Haryana Project
3. Vegetable / Fruit / Flower / Plants, Canal/Irrigation Work, Civil Works Projects Himachal Pradesh Subtropical Horticulture, Irrigation, and Value Addition Project. $ 16.31 Cr $ 163.11 Mn
PID : 61227 Himachal Pradesh Project
4. Dam Work, Canal/Irrigation Work Projects Proposed Channaka-Korata Barrage Project Is An Interstate Irrigaition Project To Benefit The Drought Prone Ayacut Of Uplands Of The Region In Adilabad District. INR 399.16 Cr INR 3.99 Bn
PID : 60183 Telangana Project
5. Railway Track, House / Building, Railway Ancillaries Projects Corridor 4 of Phase II of Chennai Metro Rail Project INR 16770 Cr INR 167.70 Bn
PID : 59129 Tamil Nadu Project
6. Building Material, Civil Works, Storage and Warehousing, Non Conventional Energy, Safety Equipment\Explosives Projects Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Construction of Training Walls for Permanent Stability of Bar Mouth at Pulicat village, Ponneri Taluk, of Thiruvallur District. INR 27 Cr INR 270 Mn
PID : 59125 Tamil Nadu Project
7. Railway Track, Railway Ancillaries, Civil Works Projects Metro Connectivity between Faridabad and Gurgaon. INR 5900 Cr INR 59 Bn
PID : 58080 Haryana Project
8. Railway Ancillaries, Railway Track Projects Metro Corridor from Badsa (AIIMS & NCI Connection) to Dwarka (via NPR). Refer Document
PID : 58079 Haryana Project
9. Railway Ancillaries, Railway Track, Civil Works Projects Metro Corridor from Bahadurgarh to Sampla (Haryana). Refer Document
PID : 58078 Haryana Project
10. Railway Track, Railway Ancillaries Projects Metro Connectivity along SPR in Between Sector 56 and Vatika Chowk. INR 1533 Cr INR 15.33 Bn
PID : 58077 Haryana Project
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