Projects for "Prime Movers"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Minerals, Drilling, Prime Movers, Road Transport Services, Commercial Vehicles Projects Hiwardara Limestone & Dolomite Mine At Village: Hiwardara, Tehsil: Wani, District: Mining Lease Area 171.09 Ha (Non-Forest Land); Production Capacity: 0.2 Mtpa Limestone/Dolomite INR 1.12 Cr INR 11.20 Mn
PID : 61238 Maharashtra Project
2. Material Handling, Platform/Jetty/RCC Work, Prime Movers Projects Handling of Multiple Cargo without increasing capacity through semi-mechanised manner. To be corrected as: Handling of B.F.Slag, Gypsum, Bauxite, Lime Stone, ilmenite sand, coking coal and ores other than Iron ore, Fertilizers, manganese ore, Coke (CP coke, Lam coke and Pet coke), Steam Coal, Steel cargo, Project cargo etc. and other dry bulk cargo as per availability, through semi-mechanized mode (using Harbour mobile... INR 2104 Cr INR 21.04 Bn
PID : 59131 Andhra Pradesh Project
3. Minerals, Commercial Vehicles, Prime Movers, Other Machinery Projects Natural Pozzolanic Clay Mining Project. INR 5 Cr INR 50 Mn
PID : 51210 Gujarat Project
4. Mining Equipments, Other Machinery, Prime Movers Projects Expansion of Koni–Simariya Limestone Block of over an area of 3095.23 hectares. INR 578.33 Cr INR 5.78 Bn
PID : 48069 Madhya Pradesh Project
5. Platform/Jetty/RCC Work, Trenching and Dredging, Casting/Structurals/Fabrications, Pipeline Project, Material Handling, Prime Movers Projects Proposed Expansion of Port Facilities at Salaya Gujarat. INR 9785 Cr INR 97.85 Bn
PID : 47002 Gujarat Project
6. Other Machinery, Prime Movers, Enviromental Work Projects Common Solid Waste Disposal and Incineration Facility. INR 6 Cr INR 60 Mn
PID : 44660 Gujarat Project
7. Prime Movers, Other Machinery Projects Sustainable Financing Mechanisms for National Highways Authority. $ 825 Cr $ 8.25 Bn
PID : 44506 Not Classified Project
8. Building Material, Minerals, Prime Movers Projects Agaraelathur Sand quarry for over an Extent of 12.00.0 Ha. INR 5.15 Cr INR 51.51 Mn
PID : 27926 Tamil Nadu Project
9. Building Material, Prime Movers, Minerals Projects Vadarangam Sand quarry for over an Extent of 20.00.0 Ha. INR 7.75 Cr INR 77.57 Mn
PID : 27925 Tamil Nadu Project
10. Building Material, Drilling, Minerals, Prime Movers Projects Kuruvalapparkoil Earth quarry project. INR 7.97 Lac INR 7.97 Lac
PID : 27902 Tamil Nadu Project
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