Projects for "Other Transport Equipments"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Other Machinery, Civil Works, House / Building, Real Estate Services, Computer Hardwares and Consumables, Woods and Furniture, Other Transport Equipments, Automobiles Ancillaries Projects Proposed Standalone Cement Grinding Unit” by installation of 1 x 300 TPD Ball Mill. INR 5.39 Cr INR 53.90 Mn
PID : 44666 Haryana Project
2. Railway Track, Roads, Other Transport Equipments, Bridges, Railway Track, Roads, Other Transport Equipments, Bridges Projects Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link Project (II). $ 31750.10 Cr $ 317.50 Bn
PID : 44586 Maharashtra Project
3. Other Transport Equipments, Shipping Projects West Bengal Inland Water Transport, Logistics and Spatial Development Project. $ 15 Cr $ 150 Mn
PID : 44555 West Bengal Project
4. Other Machinery, Other Transport Equipments Projects Highway Equipment Finance Project. Refer Document
PID : 42409 Not Classified Project
5. Other Machinery, Civil Works, Shed Construction, Water Purification, Other Transport Equipments, Lab Equipments, Pipeline Project, Other Electrical Products, Material Handling, Labour And Manpower, Woods and Furniture Projects Development, Operation and Maintenance of abattoir and Meat Processing plant on PPP mode. INR 75 Cr INR 750 Mn
PID : 25690 Uttaranchal Project
6. Scientific Instruments, Road Transport Services, Commercial Vehicles, Labour And Manpower, Other Transport Equipments, Other Machinery Projects Solid Waste Management Project. INR 800 Cr INR 8 Bn
PID : 25462 West Bengal Project
7. Railway Track, Railway Ancillaries, Civil Works, Other Transport Equipments, Other Electrical Products, Other Machinery, Platform/Jetty/RCC Work Projects Extension & Expansion of Metro Railway Project in Kolkata & Suburbs. INR 7000 Cr INR 70 Bn
PID : 25303 West Bengal Project
8. Other Transport Equipments, Shipping, Roads, Civil Works Projects Additional launching of RO-RO vessels by Suman Forwarding Agency. INR 44 Cr INR 440 Mn
PID : 25301 West Bengal Project
9. Shipping, Other Transport Equipments Projects Introduction of Battery Operated Electric Ferry between Kolkata and Howrah. INR 15 Cr INR 150 Mn
PID : 25298 West Bengal Project
10. Commercial Vehicles, Other Transport Equipments Projects Introduction of 20 Electric Trolley Buses in Kolkata. INR 40 Cr INR 400 Mn
PID : 25297 West Bengal Project
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