Projects for "Generators"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Civil Works, Chemical Machinery, Power Plant, Chemicals, Generators Projects Expansion of Distillery Project (Ethanol) from 60 Klpd To 200 Klpd Based on Multi Feed (Syrup/ B-Heavy Molasses / Cmolasses) as Raw Material along with 3 MW Co GEN at Warananagar, Talpanhala by M/S Shree Tatyasaheb Kore Warana Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Limted (STKWSSKL). INR 186.15 Cr INR 1.86 Bn
PID : 61336 Maharashtra Project
2. Other Machinery, Civil Works, Other Electrical Products, Generators Projects Integrated Cement Plant (Clinker - 4.5 Million Tpa; Cement - 4.0 Million Tpa (Opc, Ppc, Psc, Rhpc, Src & Composite Cement), Whrs - 37.5 Mw And D.G. Sets - 2500 Kva (2 X 1000 Kva & 1 X 500 Kva) Or (1 X 1000 Kva, 2 X 500 Kva & 2 X 250 Kva)} At Villagesbhivgarh, Jawangarh And Ras - Ii, Tehsil - Jaitaran, District - Pali (Rajasthan) By Shree Cement Limited (Bangur Cement Unit). INR 1872 Cr INR 18.72 Bn
PID : 61321 Rajasthan Project
3. Chemical Machinery, Other Machinery, Civil Works, Boiler and Heater, Generators Projects Proposed Synthetic Organic Chemical Unit (Dye Intermediates) having total capacity of 458.2 MT/Month at Plot No.: 356, Road No: 3, GIDC Sachin. INR 8.60 Cr INR 86 Mn
PID : 61289 Gujarat Project
4. Excavation, House / Building, Other Machinery, Generators, Other Electrical Products Projects Development of secured landfill facility for hazardous waste (30 lakh mt) (TSDF site) at village jitali. Refer Document
PID : 61283 Gujarat Project
5. Other Machinery, Generators, Civil Works, Other Electrical Products Projects Proposed Integrated Cement Plant - Clinker (3.25 MTPA), Cement (2.5 MTPA), WHRS (15 MW) and D.G. Set (1000 KVA) by M/s. Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd., located at Kharora, Tehsil: Kharora (Earlier Tilda), District. INR 1800 Cr INR 18 Bn
PID : 61278 Chhattisgarh Project
6. Chemical Machinery, Fertilizers and pesticides, Other Machinery, Generators, Civil Works Projects Proposed Expansion of Fertilizer Manufacturing Unit (Pulgaon) of production capacity [Single Super Phosphate (SSP): 1,50,000 MTPA; Triple Super Phosphate (TSP): 50,000 MTPA; Granulated Fertilizer (GSSP / BGSSP / ZGSSP / ZBGSSP / NPK / Customized Fertilizer): 2,00,000 MTPA; Sulphuric Acid: 50,000 MTPA, Sodium Silica Fluoride (SSF): 750 MTPA] located at Survey No. 375/I-K, Village- Gunjkheda, Pulgaon. INR 10 Cr INR 100 Mn
PID : 61259 Maharashtra Project
7. Drainage, Pipeline Project, Water Purification, Civil Works, Pumps and Motor and Compressors, Computer Softwares, Generators, Transformers and Capicators Projects Project on ‘Interception and diversion of balance discharge of 13 drains and augmentation of Salori STP (sewerage district C), at Prayagraj, UP’ under Namami Gange Programme at under DBOT mode. INR 331.75 Cr INR 3.31 Bn
PID : 61251 Uttar Pradesh Project
8. Drainage, Water Purification, Pumps and Motor and Compressors, Pipeline Project, House / Building, Civil Works, Roads, Generators, Sub-station works Projects Interception & diversion and STP at Mirzapur. INR 129.08 Cr INR 1.29 Bn
PID : 58072 Uttar Pradesh Project
9. Other Machinery, Power Plant, Civil Works, Boiler and Heater, Generators Projects Set up an integrated Steel plant along with Captive power plant. INR 4.42 Cr INR 44.20 Mn
PID : 54862 Chhattisgarh Project
10. Other Machinery, Generators Projects Proposed Standalone Grinding Unit with Cement Production Capacity of 3.0 Million TPA and D.G Set of 250 KVA along with Railway Siding. INR 600.80 Cr INR 6.00 Bn
PID : 54861 Uttar Pradesh Project
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