Projects for "Corporations/ Associations/ Others"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Chemicals, Chemical Machinery, Safety Equipment\Explosives, Non Classified Projects Modernization of Ammonia Urea Plants at SPIC Nagar. INR 350 Cr INR 3.50 Bn
PID : 65852 Tamil Nadu Project
2. Drainage, Water Purification, Pumps and Motor and Compressors Projects Integrated Sewerage System for city of Imphal (Phase II) Project. $ 1250 Cr $ 12.50 Bn
PID : 65824 Manipur Project
3. House / Building, Civil Works Projects Environmental Impact Assessment of Proposed Industrial Park at Gandrajupalle in Gangavaram Mandal. INR 96.50 Cr INR 965 Mn
PID : 65806 Andhra Pradesh Project
4. Chemicals, Chemical Machinery, Civil Works Projects Proposed Expansion Of Molasses Based Distillery Capacity From 30 Klpd To Multifeed (C Molasses, B Heavy Molasses, Cane Juice/Syrup) 120 Klpd At Ashoknagar, Village Nipanivadgaon, Taluka Shrirampur, District , Maharashtra State By Ashok Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Limited INR 97.21 Cr INR 972.10 Mn
PID : 65797 Maharashtra Project
5. Enviromental Work, Power Plant Projects Environmental Clearance of Sunni Dam Hydro-Electric Project (382 Mw) Shimla & Mandi Districts, Himachal Pradesh. INR 2443.84 Cr INR 24.43 Bn
PID : 65788 Himachal Pradesh Project
6. Other Machinery, Civil Works, Power Plant, Refractories Projects Proposed 150 KLPD Sugar Syrup, Molasses Based Distillery Sr No 612, Village Mathori. INR 139.15 Cr INR 1.39 Bn
PID : 65588 Maharashtra Project
7. Chemical Machinery, Chemicals, Power Plant Projects Expansion of Distillery from 60 KLPD to 200 KLPD for Ethanol Production by Using B Heavy Molasses & Cane Syrup Along with 3 Mw Cogeneration Power Plant Located Warananagar, Tal- Panhala. INR 227.55 Cr INR 2.27 Bn
PID : 65585 Maharashtra Project
8. Civil Works, Other Machinery Projects Expansion of existing distillery unit from 90 to 260 KLPD. INR 70 Cr INR 700 Mn
PID : 61306 Maharashtra Project
9. Chemical Machinery, Fertilizers and pesticides, Other Machinery, Generators, Civil Works Projects Proposed Expansion of Fertilizer Manufacturing Unit (Pulgaon) of production capacity [Single Super Phosphate (SSP): 1,50,000 MTPA; Triple Super Phosphate (TSP): 50,000 MTPA; Granulated Fertilizer (GSSP / BGSSP / ZGSSP / ZBGSSP / NPK / Customized Fertilizer): 2,00,000 MTPA; Sulphuric Acid: 50,000 MTPA, Sodium Silica Fluoride (SSF): 750 MTPA] located at Survey No. 375/I-K, Village- Gunjkheda, Pulgaon. INR 10 Cr INR 100 Mn
PID : 61259 Maharashtra Project
10. Other Machinery, Civil Works, Power Plant, Refractories Projects Establishment of 150 KLPD Sugar Syrup/ Molasses based Distillery alongwith 3.0 MW captive power generation (Fuel: Spent wash and Bagasse) located at Village Sr. No. 612, village Mathori, Tal. ShirurKasar, Dist. Beed, Maharashtra. INR 139.15 Cr INR 1.39 Bn
PID : 59167 Maharashtra Project
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