Project News Detail

Project No :199695
Project Title :Set Up 2 GW Solar Projects Land & EHV Transmission System Package In Rajasthan.
Company Name : National Thermal Power Corporation Limited
Project Detail :Rajasthan-based solar power projects with a capacity of up to 2 GW that are connected to the interstate transmission system (ISTS), have been requested for bids for land and extra high voltage (EHV) transmission system packages, by NPTC Renewable Energy, a fully owned subsidiary of NTPC

Bids for this NTPC solar power project must be submitted by December 27, 2022, which will be revealed on the same day

Any bidder from a nation that borders India on land can submit a bid in this tender

The cost of the bidding document is Rs. 22,500 for each eligible bidder, and they are not required to submit any earnest money deposit to partake in the tender

This solar tender’s scope of work covers all land-related tasks, such as setting up government land, 5 acres/MW, on a leasehold basis for a minimum of 30 years in non-Great Indian Bustard (GIB) zones in Bikaner and surrounding regions in Rajasthan

the work scope also covers transmission system-related duties, which include setting up grid connectivity with the Bikaner ISTS substations. Design and construction of the EHV Transmission Line up to the ISTS Sub-Station, including securing the transmission line’s “Right of Way” and designing and building the terminal bay at the ISTS end

In order to be eligible for this tender, the bidder must have completed at least grid-connected solar PV projects, solar parks, wind projects, or a combination of the three, with a combined capacity of 100 MW or more, at least one of which must have a capacity of 50 MW or more capacity

The bidders must have knowledge of land parcel organization and the approval of technical feasibility for power evacuation through STU/ISTS substation

The bidder’s net worth should be positive as of the final day of the prior fiscal year

according to audited annual accounts, the average annual financial turnover over the previous 3 financial years from the previous 5 financial years, should have been Rs. 65 million, for 50 MW to 300 MW quoted capacity and Rs. 220,000/MW, for stated capacities of more than 300 MW

If the bidder does not fulfill the yearly turnover benchmarks on its own, its holding company will be allowed to do so, provided that its net worth in the most recent fiscal year was equal to or more than the paid-up share capital of the holding company

Project Location : Not Classified - Rajasthan - India
Project Industry :Non Conventional Energy
Project Estimation :Refer Document
Status :Announced