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Project No :197409
Project Title :Construction Of Two High-Speed Rail Lines In Morocco.
Company Name : Government Of Morocco
Project Detail :Plans are underway for the construction of two new Ligne à Grande Vitesse Est européenne or high-speed rail lines (LGV Est) in Morocco. The projects will entail an investment of USD 11 billion

The first of the two new high-speed rail lines (LGV Est) in Morocco is planned to connect Marrakech to Agadir with the aim of bringing the southern provinces of the Noth African country closer together, while the second line will extend the Tangier-Casablanca LGV Est to Marrakech

The project is part of the national network extension policy ‘National Railway Infrastructure Development Plan

This plan was drawn up by the ONCF (the National Railways Office), and it aims to construct approximately 1,300 km of high-speed line and 3,800 km of a conventional railway line

Project Location : Not Classified - Not Classified - india
Project Industry :Railway Ancillaries
Project Estimation :Refer Document
Status :Announced