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Project No :196447
Project Title :Expansion Of Steel Manufacturing Units In West Bengal.
Company Name : Shyam Steel Industries
Project Detail :Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. is looking to invest close to ?250 crore for ramping up production capacity by nearly 50-60 per cent over the next two years. The company has a capacity to produce around one million tonne of crude steel and around six lakh tonne of TMT annually across its five manufacturing units, all located in West Bengal

According to Suket Beriwal, Director, Shyam Steel, the company is yet to firm up plans on which units will be ramped up and by how much. It will depend on the demand situation. It is also evaluating the possibilities of setting up a greenfield plant in the eastern region

The company manufactures and supplies TMT rebar, billets and sponge iron

We are operating at more than 85 per cent capacity. We are looking at a capacity expansion of around 50-60 per cent in the next two years at an estimated investment of around ?250 crore. We are also evaluating greenfield options in eastern India,” Beriwal told media at a virtual press conference

The company, which has an established presence in the eastern and north-eastern regions, is looking to expand its retail footprint in central, south and west India. It has a network of over 6,000 distributors, dealers, and retailers in the markets it currently operates in

The company has developed a highly efficient network of third-party logistics service providers to take its products to every corner of the country. It also plans to appoint a team of around 500 distributors, dealers, and retailers across each of these States to ensure easy accessibility of its brand to home builders at reasonable prices

Retail accounts for around 50 per cent of the company’s total turnover of ?3,000 crore. The remaining (50 per cent) comes from B2B

We are excited about our entry into the central, western and southern States. Individual home builders very often either do not have access to high quality TMT or pay a very high premium for it. With our entry into these markets, consumers will have the very high quality of a national TMT brand within their budget

Project Location : Multi Location - West Bengal - India
Project Industry :Other Machinery
Project Estimation :Refer Document
Status :Announced