Project News Detail

Project No :193812
Project Title :Construction Of Water Supply Project In Madhya Pradesh.
Company Name : Municipal Corporation Of Madhya Pradesh
Project Detail :Municipal Corporation, Morena has invited bids for construction of water supply project in Madhya Pradesh

The scope of work includes detailed survey, investigation, design, construction and commissioning of water supply project including design and construction of 12 mtr diameter intake well with pumping room having pumps of capacity 140 MLD, approach bridge, etc at River Chambal

It also includes design and construction of 64 MLD water treatment plant at near to village Atarsuma and its all related component including boundary wall etc complete in all respect. Providing, laying and jointing of rising mains, transportation and taxes including required specials, electromagnetic flow meters, pipeline crossing, etc total length 52.67 km of DI K9 having diameter from 100 mm to 600 mm and MS pipe having diameter of 1500 mm

The work also includes providing and installation of pumping machineries including VT and centrifugal pumps, transportation etc; design and construction of RCC OHSRs including inflow and out flow pipes, etc; providing, laying & jointing of distribution network, transportation including specials, flow meters, of HDPE distribution pipe line of total length of 506.98 km from 90 mm to 315 mm diameter and DI K7 from 350 mm to 600 mm diameter, excavation, refilling, road restoration, fixing of house service connection

The project also includes design and construction of pumping station and other civil works as main and secondary control centers for SCADA, consumer relation centers, residential quarters, boundary walls etc, supply and installation of PLC SCADA of Morena Municipal Area

The estimated cost of the project is Rs 226.94 crore with completion period of 36 months

Project Location : Morena - Madhya Pradesh - India
Project Industry :Water Storage and Supply
Project Estimation :Refer Document
Status :Announced