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Advanced Pharma Quality Forum

On 26th June 2020, The FDA Group released a report providing insights into the agency’s quality oversight of drugs. Fiscal year 2019 saw the most warning letters issued to makers of finished medicinal products in recent history - a total of 81 warning letters issued to finished product manufacturers worldwide.India stand at 2nd position after USA to receive 12 warning letters. The specific issues contained within these recent warning letters reveals a continuation of a trend that’s been running for years: lapses in meeting basic GMP requirements. The responsibilities of the quality control unit laid out in 21 CFR 211.22 was the top most-cited issue.Eminence Business Media has analysed the current challenges operational & regulatory challenges and designed ADVANCED PHARMA QUALITY FORUM 2020, a premier knowledge exchange platform that explores the best strategies & practices to stay competitive, by meeting the ever-evolving quality standards of the industry.

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