Projects for "Glass and Glassware"

Description Value Updated Date
1. Glass and Glassware, Safety Equipment\Explosives, Glass and Glassware, Safety Equipment\Explosives Projects Industrial Construction by Jushi India Fiberglass Pvt. Ltd. INR 3500 Cr INR 35 Bn
PID : 28493 Maharashtra Project
2. Bridges, Glass and Glassware, Hotels and Restaurants, Tourism, Civil Works, Business Consultancy, Computer Softwares, Other Machinery, Other Electrical Products Projects Sky Bridge and Revival of Heritage Old Hindustan Tibet Road. INR 100 Cr INR 1 Bn
PID : 26230 Himachal Pradesh Project
3. Glass and Glassware, Civil Works, Other Metal Products Projects Establishment of World Class Oceanarium at Chennai on Design Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer basis under Public Private Partnership (PPP). INR 257.59 Cr INR 2.57 Bn
PID : 16000 Tamil Nadu Project
4. Glass and Glassware Projects Development of aquarium in Ghoghla. INR 4.32 Cr INR 43.20 Mn
PID : 14976 Gujarat Project
5. Civil Works, Civil Works, Shed Construction, Roads, Light and Bulbs, Glass and Glassware, Business Consultancy, Other Metal Products, Bridges, Labour And Manpower, Tourism, Road Transport Services, House / Building, Shipping, Refrigerator, Pipeline Project, Drainage, Scientific Instruments, Commercial Vehicles, Two and Three Vehicles Projects Diu Smart City Mission. INR 1442.74 Cr INR 14.42 Bn
PID : 2725 Gujarat Project
6. Business Consultancy, Architect / Interior Designer, Tourism, Glass and Glassware Projects Underwater ocean park – Chennai. INR 800 Cr INR 8 Bn
PID : 14487 Tamil Nadu Project
7. Glass and Glassware Projects Greenfield Automotive Glass Plant in Mehsana INR 500 Cr INR 5 Bn
PID : 9776 Gujarat Project
8. Ceramic tiles and Articles, Glass and Glassware Projects Ceramic & Glass Clusters INR 2630.35 Cr INR 26.30 Bn
PID : 1570 Rajasthan Project
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