Private SectorProject Information Proposed Distillery project for Greenfield 1 x 100 KLPD Grain based Ethanol Plant with 3 MW Captive power plant. INR 75.50 Cr INR 755 Mn
PID : 65774 Chhattisgarh-India

Project detail:

proposal is for establishment of 1 x 100 KLPD grain based Ethanol plant under Ethanol Blending program & 3 MW Power plant in Dondekala Village, Raipur Tehsil & District, Chattisgarh.

Advantages of present proposal Ethanol, an anhydrous ethyl alcohol having chemical formula of C2H5OH, can be produced from sugarcane, maize, wheat, etc which are having high starch content. Ethanol can be produced from grains such as maize, Surplus rice from FCI by fermentation process. Ethanol can be mixed with gasoline to form different blends. As the ethanol molecule contains oxygen, it allows the engine to more completely combust the fuel, resulting in fewer emissions and thereby reducing the occurrence of environmental pollution. Since ethanol is produced from plants that harness the power of the sun, ethanol is also considered as renewable fuel. Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) programme was launched in January, 2003. The programme sought to promote the use of alternative and environment friendly fuels and to reduce import dependency for energy requirements. Now Govt. of India is aiming for E20 (blending of Ethanol in 20% with Petrol) by 2024-25.

AARTI SYNERGY PVT.LTD is a Private incorporated on 23 November 2020. It is classified as Nongovt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Chattisgarh. Directors of Aarti Synergy Private Limited are Reebhu Raj Agrawal and Aditya Mundra.

The AARTI SYNERGY PVT.LTD have 25.9 acres (10.484 Ha.) of land for the proposed unit. Sufficient area will be made available for the green belt and Effluent Treatment Facilities as it plans for zero liquid discharge. A good network of internal as well as main approach roads would be prepared. The unit would be designed in a versatile fashion by adopting latest CDM (Clean Development mechanism) process techniques as well as with state-of-the art machinery. The project would be formulated in such a fashion and manner so that the utmost care of Safety Norms & Environment Protection shall be taken care of.

The total cost of the project has been estimated at Rs. 75.5 Crores.

Note: please download project document attached to this project for more information.


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