Corporations/ Associations/ Others Project Information Storm Water Drainage - Phase III(2035) City Development Plan Kymore - 2035 INR 1.30 Cr INR 13 Mn
PID : 2677 Madhya Pradesh-India

Project Details :

1. The town drainage system needs to be designed for maximum rainfall of five year frequency storm for internal as well as peripheral drains and ten years frequency storm for the main drains. Usually the system is designed for a maximum rainfall of one-hour duration. The co-efficient of run-off needs to be calculated for areas with composite land use pattern on the basis of anticipated land use in the new areas and existing land use pattern for the areas already developed. For Kymore town, the run-off coefficient should not be less than 0.8.

2. Water logging areas and other areas nearer to River are to be immediately relieved of the problem by undertaking a drainage rehabilitation program. The construction of new drains and connecting links would be taken up as a priority, along with strengthening of the existing drains with lining and sidewalls. Box type drainage network from these areas to River is to be  eveloped. In addition, control of weed growth, limiting the dumping of solid and construction waste and controlling the growth of encroachments would be given top priority.

3. Integrated Regional Drainage Plan at the district level should be prepared after critically examining each drainage system under basin/ sub basin incorporating the improvement proposals for enhancing the quality of regional and local drains taking into account the present/ future development and settlement pattern in the region. The ponds/ lakes/ wetlands (existing and prepared) bunds/ check dams etc. should be developed/ protected to increase the runoff time of storm water in order to help in ground water recharging.

4. Construction of a main drain/ Trunk line should be undertaken, to dispose the storm water River through de silting tanks, where the water should be treated naturally before discharging it into the river.

Total existing road length of the town is 44.31 km including State, Major and other roads. For complete revamping of the system the present road network as well as future roads needs to be covered.

Note: Please Download Project Documents attached with this Project for more Information.


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