Project News Detail

Project No :185488
Project Title :Bridge Project In Orissa
Company Name : East Coast Railway
Project Detail :The East Coast Railway (ECoR) has invited tender for a major bridge over the Tel river as part of the new Khurda Road-Balangir line project. The estimated cost of the work is Rs 23 crore

The bridge would be constructed over the Tel river, a major tributary of Mahanadi river, near Sonepur town

As the confluence of the Mahanadi river and the Tel river is just about 2.5 km of the proposed location of the bridge which would have a lot of influence during peak flood, the bridge would be constructed with 17 spans of 45.70m each

The ECoR has carried out the soil investigation and pile foundations are being proposed for shore spans and open foundation for other spans due to presence of bed rock. Steel girders being fabricated in the Railway Engineering workshop, Mughalsarai would be used to constrict the bridge to have better quality control

The ECoR officials said that the river training (guiding the river stream) works would be planned based on site requirements along with guide bunds for a suitable length also may be required

Project Location : Khurda - Orissa - India
Project Industry :Bridges
Project Estimation :INR 23 Cr / INR 230 Mn
Status :Announced