Project News Detail

Project No :183265
Project Title :Optical Fiber Project in India
Company Name : Aarv Infratel
Project Detail :AARV Infratel Ltd has entered a term sheet with Quess Corp Limited for implementation of Optical Fiber laying activities as per Bharath Net Phase II project in the state of Gujarat Fibre Grid Network Limited (GFGNL) for a total value of Rs 1,44,05,73,996 (Rupees One Hundred and Forty Four Crores Five Lakhs Seventy Three Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety six Only) exclusive of GST

The term sheet is non-binding and is not an official service agreement. Further the validity of the term sheet is subject to the parties agreeing upon and executing the definitive agreements which will include detailed terms and conditions in relation to the Proposed Transaction

In the event the discussions between the contracting parties in relation to the Proposed Transactions are successful and definitive agreements are executed, the company shall announce the same

Project Location : Not Classified - Gujarat - India
Project Industry :Glass and Glassware
Project Estimation :Refer Document
Status :Announced